Yoga with Goats FAQ

Goat Yoga FAQs

Note: Tickets are required for gate entry for all visitors and for all events. This is to ensure the safety of our animals and the experience of our guests. Whether you are participating in our Yoga with goats or just there to watch and interact with our kids a ticket will be required. Thank you.

There are NO REFUNDS. We cannot switch the date of your ticket to a different class. Class sizes are limited to ensure each guest has an amazing, fun experience with ample opportunities to interact with our goats. Due to this, it is important that our guests choose a date that works for them before purchasing a ticket.

Baby goats LOVE to jump! This includes jumping on and around our guests! For this reason, we recommend wearing shirts that cover your back and shoulders. While most of our guests don’t mind being joined by a goat while they practice their best yoga poses, it is important to remember that goat hooves can and may leave reminders of your encounter which may or may not be noticeable later in the day. Goats are notoriously curious, so if it dangles and sparkles you may also want to consider leaving it at home.

Due to limited class sizes, same day tickets are not available at the gate. However, you may speak with one of our staff members to purchase tickets for a future date or inquire about special events and membership prices.

We strive to provide a safe, calm, and tranquil environment for both our guests and our kids. For this reason, children under eight are not permitted to attend goat yoga sessions. We do, however, offer opportunities outside of goat yoga for young

You do not have to participate in yoga to attend yoga with goats. However, EVERY attendee does need their own ticket. We welcome our non-yoga patrons to come watch, take pictures, and cuddle with our adorable kids. Class sizes are limited to allow every visitor time to truly interact with our playful babies whether or not they choose to participate in yoga.

Although mats may be provided, visitors may wish to bring their own mats and water.

We are currently working on indoor accommodations. In the meantime, if there is inclement weather, patrons will be allowed to reschedule their ticket.

This event takes place on a working farm with live animals. Our animals are well cared for, but they are still animals who poop and pee whenever the need occurs. For this reason, our staff is always on standby to quickly take care of any messes that may occur.

YES, but please ask one of our staff to provide you an appropriate treat. Our goats are on a diet which promoted maximum nutrition and optimum health. Outside foods may not be fed to our animals.